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Helping Harvest

Harvest Moon is our newest family member, we want her to feel better but I’m not able to afford it right now after moving across the country with the military.

— Mylissa —

When Mylissa found this beautiful black stray kitten 3 months ago, her heart was delighted and she knew right away this kitten had found a forever home with her! Deciding on the name Harvest Moon, this single mom and active military member was thrilled to be able to bring a bright spot into her family’s home.

Being in the military, one common occurrence is moving. Mylissa and her small family found themselves transferred from Virginia to California near the end of 2020. With the transition into a new location still causing some confusion in the household, the family was slowly getting situated. In early January, being a responsible pet owner, Mylissa took Harvest Moon to get spayed. A normal procedure that went well, it wasn’t until a few days later than Harvest Moon began having difficulty breathing. Mylissa had used her funds to get the spay done but knew that Harvest needed to be seen for her distressed breathing.

After the cost of moving, this unexpected care on their brand new family member was more than Mylissa was able to afford. She reached out to Max’s Helping Paws and shared, “Harvest Moon is just a baby, I know she’ll be alright if she’s able to get the help she needs, but I just can’t manage it right now. Any help you can give my new baby would be great.”

At Max’s, we strive to offer second chances to pet companions and their owners any time we are able to. Little 3 month old Harvest Moon needed that second chance. Thanks to the help of our donors, Harvest was able to receive the diagnostic tests which showed where some of the breathing difficulty was coming from and get the medications needed to alleviate the stressful breathing. Since then, Harvest Moon has returned to her forever home with Mylissa and her family, once again being the rambunctious and playful kitten she was before.

About Our Veterinary Partner :

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