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Rocco’s Recovery

I’m retired and on a fixed income. Normally I can pay for Rocco’s care, but he’s sicker than I’ve ever seen him and I’m scared for him. I want him to be healthy.

— Theresa —

8 year old Rocco has been with Theresa most of his life, after she adopted him 6 years ago from a rescue situation. Rocco’s forever home with Theresa has been full of treats, play time and many walks together with their other pet companions -a home full of love. Rocco has been a healthy pup his whole life and Theresa has done an excellent job of taking care of his routine visits to the veterinarian.

This year, Rocco unexpectedly began showing signs of lethargy and loss of appetite. While his regular appetite is quite voracious, little Rocco slowly began eating less and seemed to be in discomfort. Theresa kept a careful eye on him to see if this was a passing occurrence, or perhaps something much more serious. As she monitored Rocco, it became apparent he was going to need veterinary assistance to determine what was happening. Knowing her financials were limited, Theresa reached out to Max’s Helping Paws and applied for assistance for Rocco’s care. Luckily, Theresa reached out when she did, and Max’s was able to provide assistance to Rocco for his initial diagnostics. It turns out little Rocco was experiencing diabetic symptoms. This new revelation means he is going to need to be monitored and put on a wellness plan to ensure his diabetes is kept under control. Thanks to partners such as the Animal Welfare Assistance Group, Max’s was able to provide the financial lifeline for Rocco’s overnight hospital stay, medications and recovery plan.

Once aware of Rocco’s diabetes, Theresa has been able to take him home and adjust his food and activity accordingly. While Rocco’s world will need to be managed differently after this prognosis, Theresa knows the discovery of diabetes will allow Rocco the best odds to having a full and playful life ahead of him. We look forward to hearing more about your long life ahead Rocco!

About Our Veterinary Partner :

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