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Rufi’s Recovery

Rufi is my true companion.

— Markus —

For over 12 years, Rufi has been a delight and inspiration to his human owner Markus. These two gentleman have a long lasting bond which has seen them through many changes over the years, one of which is Markus becoming disabled unexpectedly in the past year. Little Rufi was right by Markus’s side as he underwent extensive medical treatments.

In early January, it was Markus’s turn to provide support for Rufi. As a pup with diabetes and enjoying his Golden Years, Rufi also began having complications in his eye sight. Slowly, he was developing cataracts in his eyes, causing him to stumble and become a very anxious companion. As Rufi’s condition progressed, Markus became more and more concerned as Rufi’s blood pressure also increased with the anxiety of going blind. Living on a fixed income as well as still paying his own medical bills, Markus reached out to Max’s Helping Paws for assistance. he shared, “Rufi is my true companion and watching is eyesight go, and the resulting anxiousness he constantly experiences as a result is what has driven me to seek financial assistance to help better his overall quality of life. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!!”

Markus had saved as much money as possible and borrowed money from relatives for Rufi’s care, yet it still fell short of the needed funds. Max’s was able to fill that gap in funds as we offered assistance to Rufi for his cataract surgery. We realized once the anxiety was lessened, his blood pressure would go down as well as create a safer environment for him to live in. Similar to humans, sometimes our companions just need to know they’re safe before they can get healthy again.

After receiving the surgery, Markus was full of gratitude and reached back out to us to share about Rufi’s recover. “Thank you for your wonderful gifts for Rufi, he can SEE, all thanks 🙏 to your help!!!! I am so so so so grateful to you & please let all others know how much it means to us. The vet helped reduce the cost & your help made the impossible happen(thanks Max) I don’t have the $, the gracious people who did this – I want to thank you for all you did. Rufis deep Brown Eyes 👀 are able to see cuz of you all!! XO Markus”

We are thrilled Rufi is able to see once again and look forward to hearing how his anxiety, and thus blood pressure, continues to lower. Be well gentleman!

About Our Veterinary Partner:

Just as with human medicine, there are occasions when your veterinarian might suggest a referral to an eye specialist to better meet your pet’s needs.

Ann Gratzek, DVM, Diplomate ACVO and Elizabeth Curto, DVM, Diplomate ACVO, along with their team are here to help. We will work together with your veterinarian to diagnose and treat all conditions affecting the eye of your beloved pet.

                                       We strive to create a comfortable, pain-free and stress-free environment for our patients.

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