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This ‘Guy’

He’s our sweet boy and we just want him to live. Our hours have been reduced with the pandemic and any help you can offer would be appreciated.

— Castillo Family —

Along with the sunshine, March also brought an adventurous spirit to Guy and he began exploring more of their property. After one such outing, the Castillo’s were alarmed to see Guy was having difficulty breathing and fur matted. Concerned, they asked neighbors if anyone had seen anything and were alerted to the fact that Guy was hit by an unexpected obstacle while he was out.

Throughout the past year, the Castillo’s working hours have been reduced due to needing to stay home with their children once the schools closed in 2020. Since then, the family has been surviving on one income only and making as many adjustments as possible to keep afloat. When Guy came home battered, they knew they would not have the financial means to get him the care he needed. With the options of surrender or suffering feeling as though they were the only possible choices, the Castillo’s were relieved when they heard of Max’s Helping Paws and immediately reached out.

Eligible for our Short Term/Crisis Program, the Castillo’s were able to take Guy to Monterey Peninsula Animal Hospital to determine what next steps would be needed for him to begin breathing normally again. After an overnight hospital stay, oxygen, x-rays and medications, Guy was stabilized in very short order.

Thanks to donors in our community, Guy was given the gift of breathing normally again and the opportunity for a second chance at a healthy life. We’re so glad you’re doing better Guy! Keep exploring!

About Our Veterinary Partner:

Monterey Peninsula Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Center is a well-established, 24/7/365, full service, state-of-the-art hospital which is known for providing compassionate pet care as well as for our highly experienced and well-trained veterinary team that possess the ability to provide a wide range of veterinary services in our all-encompassing facility. MPVESC’s many capabilities and service areas exemplify the versatility of our practice, and we strive to be as flexible and effective as possible in all that we do.


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