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Toby Beat All Odds

Thanks so much to Max’s Paws Foundation in helping Toby beat Parvo. I had concerns in the beginning that he wouldn’t turn the corner. Luckily he did and is now bursting with life..

— Dr. Chung, Monterey Animal Hospital —

Toby arrived at his new family home in May 2020, from a local friend for their son’s birthday. The amount of love Toby expressed helped their son cope with the stress of the pandemic and school shutdowns. A day later little Toby was not feeling well and needed help fast. The sadness overwhelmed Toby’s family and they knew Toby needed help. Monterey Animal Hospital was there to help. Dr. Chung and her staff were there to help Toby and his parents every step of the way. Toby was diagnosed with Parvo, an illness which carries with it an incredibly high mortality rate.

After extensive treatment, he tried to show his amazing personality when he went home. Toby showed his bravery and his will to live with his new loving family. Toby and his family provided home care for numerous days staying up all hours to ensure Toby received his medication under the guidance of Dr. Chung.

Monterey Animal Hospital staff member, Moe was extremely helpful and sympathetic for Toby and his family, and assisted them with the necessary paperwork to get financial help from Max’s Helping Paws was there.Toby is healthy and is probably the happiest and most loving Basset Hound puppy. He spends his days playing with his brother Danta the Corgi and Charlotte the Mini-Dachshund. Toby loves his walks and his snuggle time on the couch.

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