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Max’s believes our volunteers are more than volunteers. This new program will build a community of Max’s supporters who believe that responsible pet parents deserve some help to get the necessary veterinary treatments.  Help us create a fulfilling, meaningful and FUN program!  Please join our next orientation to learn about all the wonderful ways to get involved!

We have a variety of volunteer opportunities available!

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Max’s wants to make sure as many people in our community know about what we do as possible. We plan to participate in at least 2 events each month starting in October. Help us spread awareness of Max’s and share all the impact we’ve had within the community by joining us at some of these events!


  1. 2-4 hours per event, 1 event per month
  2. Flexible time commitment
  3. Attend in-person table events with a Max’s staff member to offer brochures, information and education to the community

Max’s values and appreciates volunteers who have skills and abilities that can be utilized in an office setting. Whether it’s typing, filing, mailing, organizing, or returning calls – your help is always welcomed and appreciated! Many of our tasks can be done from the comfort of your own home on your computer or phone!

Some of the programs we use are Microsoft Word, Excel, Google Sheets, Google Docs, PowerPoint.


  • 2 hours per month minimum

  • 6 month commitment

  • Flexible hours

Support Max’s in raising awareness within the community, create memorable, interesting fundraising opportunities and sharing unique ideas for implementation at events. From smaller community activities to our annual gala, we welcome your experience and thoughts around how to ensure our events are the most successful they can be!


  • 2-4 hours per month during non-event months. 4-8 hours during month of event, min 4 hours on event day
  • Flexible commitment length
  • Offer collaborative ideas for events, willingness to assist with hands-on functions such as silent auction, event set-up and tear down, logistics, process, roles and responsibilities, delivery of fliers to local businesses or even sending out invitations!

A large part of Max’s success is in our ability to effectively convey our mission and impact of the foundation publicly. These vehicles are critical to our fundraising efforts, and are ongoing. This role includes creation of short videos of our beneficiaries that help tell their story, what they felt and experienced when they realized they would need financial support, or consider difficult and painful alternatives.


  • Development of 1 short video each month based on recorded interviews
  • 3-6-month commitment please.
  • Flexible schedule
  • Job can be done anywhere

A large part of Max’s success is in our ability to effectively convey our mission and impact of the foundation publicly. These vehicles are critical to our fundraising efforts, and are ongoing.

We are always looking for individuals savvy in Marketing, PR and Social media to help us build our community!


  • Flexible schedule
  • We look to your creativity and ideas!
  • Job can be done anywhere

Communication with our donor community is extremely important to us. We want them to know we care! Help us show appreciation to Max’s community of donors on a consistent basis by being a key part of our stewardship program.  This means writing thank you cards, notes, customizing acknowledgment letters using existing templates (just putting in name, address, etc)


  • 2 hours per month as needed
  • Flexible commitment length
  • Write handwritten thank you cards to selected donors for the month.

From community partnerships to “friend-raising,” we always need assistance with fundraising efforts. Opportunities might include outreach for event sponsorship, participation in silent or live auctions with events, development of interesting or exciting events or activities such as setting up a fundraising drive or doing doggie photos. The sky is the limit and we want your ideas!

Max’s is proud to serve non-English speaking communities, and it’s important that we continue to provide information in Spanish.

Currently when we receive a phone call from a non-English speaker, or receive an application in Spanish, we must use an online translation tool which does slow down the process.


  • Estimated 1 hour per month in assistance
  • Occasionally return calls of Spanish speaking callers (with us on the line) to help us answer questions
  • Occasionally translate incoming Spanish applications, and provide us information we can share with our veterinary partners
  • Help translate existing collateral and materials into Spanish versions for our website and distribution across the County.

Making sure community partners and veterinary partners have donation boxes and enough brochures available is essential.  Max’s needs someone to call/visit veterinary partners perhaps once per month to make sure they have everything they need so they can help both accept donations, as well as help provide information for those in need of assistance.

  • Very flexible hours
  • 3-5 hours per month ideal
  • Car insurance

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