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  • Fundraising
    Volunteer efforts for outreach and fundraising help extend our impact well beyond what we can do on our own. We have events, community gatherings and other activities that could always use more assistance. It's a really fun way to connect with the pet-loving community, and a lot of fun. We welcome any new ideas you may have about planning and creating fundraising opportunities that involve the whole community.
  • Be an Ambassador!
    One of the most rewarding ways we engage our community of donors is to send Thank You letters on a regular basis, as well as once or twice throughout the year. If you’re interested in sharing gratitude with others by doing this activity you can do from the comfort of your own home, we would love your help!
  • Brochure/Donation Box Distribution
    One of our most extensive and ongoing projects for fundraising involves our community partners and them hosting a donation box for Max’s at their location in Monterey County. These boxes need to be traded out/picked up monthly and we could use your help. This is a great way to get out of the house, share your passion with others in the community and assist in raising funds for more pets.
  • General Administration
    We are always looking for people who have a heart for pets and want to get involved. If you have skills you would like to share but don’t see them on the list above, please contact us and we can see how to best plug you in. Whether you are looking for an ongoing commitment or to assist with a one-time event, we would be so grateful for your support.
  • Special Skills
    Do you have a special skill? We have multiple areas where additional support is needed throughout the year such as Spanish Translator, grant writing, social media assistance, marketing & design and more. Please let us know - we have lots of different ways you can help from your home!
Max’s believes our volunteers are more than volunteers. This new program will build a community of Max’s supporters who believe that responsible pet parents deserve some help to get the necessary veterinary treatments.  Help us create a fulfilling, meaningful and FUN program!  Please click through to the sign up form to learn about all the wonderful ways to get involved! Please reach out to or call 831-293-7030 with any questions.
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