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A Little Help For Our Friend

Thank you for helping my baby girl.

— Rosemary —

What’s not to love about this adorable, 8 year old chihuahua named Asha? Being a retired senior, Rosemary is one of the fortunate owners who is able to spend most of her time and love on her precious companion Asha. This tiny pup has been a spotlight of joy and laughter for Rosemary each day, offering comfort and companionship as only our furry babies can.

In early October during one of their cuddle times, Rosemary became alarmed when she noticed a lump on Asha. Living on a fixed income from social security, Rosemary wanted to take Asha to the veterinarian for diagnostics, but knew the cost was going to be beyond her ability. Fortunately, with Max’s Helping Paws diagnostics program – which offers up to $500 towards an initial visit and diagnostics, Rosemary was able to take Asha to the Animal Hospital of Salinas in order to determine what the issues were.

Thanks to Rosemary’s quick action and willingness to apply for financial assistance, Asha was able to not only have the mass diagnosed, but also removed. This attentive owner’s actions potentially prevented a much more extreme outcome for Asha. Cases like this make us smile at Max’s, knowing that together, we are allowing pets and their families in Monterey County the the opportunity for the best possible outcomes.

About Our Veterinary Partner:

<img loading="lazy" class="wp-image-5553 alignleft portfolio-lazyLoad" src="" alt="" width="87" height="109" srcset=" 171w, 119w" sizes="(max-width: 87px) 100vw, 87px" /> Animal Hospital of Salinas teams up with our clients to provide informed, compassionate care to their pets. They continually strive to improve our knowledge, skills, and facility while maintaining a warm connection between staff, clients, and patients.


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