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Cooking Up Care For Joji

We used to have 2 dog and 2 cats friends, but lost the last one a year ago, now it is just us. I love her so much.

— Lauren, owner —

For the past 14 years, Joji the tabby cat and her owner Lauren have shared a house full of love and companionship. Having gotten Joji as a kitten, the two have an inseperable bond which includes such things as kitty costumes and shared snuggles! While it is now just the two of them in their household after losing their other furry companion friends, the two have become even more attached.

It is often so difficult when our companions aren’t feeling well because they aren’t able to tell us exactly what they are feeling and how we can help them. Fortunately, this is where diagnostic testing can come in to help determine what is happening when our furry friends are unwell. This was the case for Joji when her neuropathy began to impact her mobility as she reached her Golden Years.

As a responsible and alert owner, Lauren shared their story with us: “Joji has had trouble with some sort of neuropathy in her back legs for many years. Past trips to the kitty chiropractor gave little improvement. Is he also has a sac of fluid around her leg joint . I took her in to see if I could make her more comfortable. Another veterinarian discovered a mass in her abdomen and was concerned about giving pain medication before knowing if the mass was related to the kidney. I have always cared for my animals. In the past. I have never asked for assistance. I am a self employed aesthetician/make up artist and I haven’t been able to work since March. However, I am still obligated to pay my rent on my facial studio and my mortgage along with all my other expenses. I am collecting unemployment and living on my credit cards-but the balances are nearly full. Joji and I need assistance.”

The first step in this case was determining was to have diagnostic testing done to determine what was causing the health problems. Due to the hardships of COVID-19 this year, Lauren was going to be financially unable to provide Joji the diagnostics she needed. Thankfully, as a partner with Max’s Helping Paws, Cottage Veterinary Care shared with Lauren about our programs for assistance. With careful review of the application, it was clear to see Lauren is a responsible pet owner in need of some support. Through our new program, Max’s was able to provide the monies needed to ensure Joji obtained her diagnostics. While our furry companions are unable to explain in words the pain they may be feeling, it is thanks to aware owners such as Lauren that our companions are able to start their path of health once again.

About Our Veterinary Partner:

<img loading="lazy" class="wp-image-7981 alignleft portfolio-lazyLoad" src="" alt="" width="127" height="105" srcset=" 300w, 150w, 579w" sizes="(max-width: 127px) 100vw, 127px" /> Located in Pacific Grove, CA, Cottage Veterinary Care provides pets and pet owners with quality veterinary care in the Monterey County area. We strive every day to be a welcoming, skilled, and cost-conscious partner in the care of your beloved companions. For us, this means keeping you, the pet owner, at the center of all we do.


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