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Cool Cash

Cool Cash the pitbull and his brother have been an instrumental part of the Baughman family for 6 years after being rescued from a local shelter and given a ‘forever home’. A little more than a week previously, Cash’s brother had to be put to sleep unexpectedly due to digestive issues. When Cash started having similar symptoms of tummy trouble and not wanting to eat, the Baughman’s were scared of what that may mean for their beloved family companion. “I can’t lose them both,” was a heart-rendered plea when the Baughman family shared their story with Max’s Helping Paws.

The family was able to provide a large portion of finances for the diagnostic testing for Cash, but continued cost was quickly becoming something the family could not keep up with. With limited resources for the continued treatments, the Baughman’s reached out to Max’s Helping Paws and applied for a grant towards the care of Cash’s treatment. Thankfully, Cash was able to have his tummy troubles modulated and returned safely back home to the Baughman’s, where he could heal and recover after a very stressful week. Thank you!

About Our Veterinary Partner :

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