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Fluffy’s Fight

Fluffy has always been there for me, I want to be there for her now.

— Jhanic —

When her fur ‘baby’ needed medical attention, Jhanic did whatever she needed to in order to get treatment for Fluffy. She shared her story with Max’s, “Hello my name is Jhanic I have had Fluffy for about 13 years now. She has been with me through everything. During the toughest moments in my health journey she’s always been right by my side. I want to be there for her during this and it has been financially difficult. I don’t want that to effect her getting the right care she needs. She means everything to me and it hurts me that she has to go through this. I got her when I was about 15 years and she has definitely been my greatest support from medications/ treatments for my progressive medical condition to PT to just cuddling sleeping right by my side. Which is why I ask you if you can help me during this time to be able to get the necessary surgery and medical necessities she needs in order to continue and survive and to be able to live many more years. Thank you.”

Jahnic reached out to us because Fluffy was experiencing abdominal issues and needed surgery. Built upon compassion and understanding of how vital our pet companions are to our lives, Max’s understood how critical it was to assist not only Fluffy, but Jhanic as we lent a financial lifeline to this pup.

Throughout the course of discussion, Jhanic was beyond responsible in her follow-up calls, reports on how Fluffy was doing and the wonderful joy of health Fluffy now has after receiving the surgery needed in her abdomen. Jhanic made sure to call us after the surgery and reported, “Fluffy is doing so well! She is happy and herself again! Thank you SO much for what you did for Fluffy and I, it meant the world to both of us – thank you!” We’re so glad we could be there for you both, take care new friends of Max’s. 🙂


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