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Ginger’s Back to Enjoying Car Rides – Windows Closed

Thank God for Max’s Helping Paws. They helped fill a gap that only the hand of god could accomplish.

— Ginger's Dad —

Ginger is a two-year-old, high energy and precocious family pet who was born in Mexicali and taken in last year by her current owner when her previous owner tragically passed away from cancer at 35. Ginger loves to go running on the beach, do tricks, and play with her toys. She is also a regular visitor to residents at the Carmel Hills Care Center. Ginger joins her dad regularly on his runs to various job sites. As a young pup with lots of energy, Ginger saw a cat across the street and immediately lept towards it.  As soon as she took off into the street, her tiny body was hit by a car, leaving one of her hind legs so badly broken and mangled that an immediate amputation was needed in order to mitigate her pain and save her life.

This circumstance proved it really does “take a village.” Ginger’s dad, a client of Marina Pet Hospital for two decades, reached out first to Marina for assistance.  With a good prognosis from Marina Pet Hospital, Max’s Helping Paws, Peace of Mind Dog Rescue and Animal Welfare Assistance Group, combined financial support to help subsidize the costs of surgery, as Ginger’s father was experiencing severe financial hardship.  After speaking with multiple veterinary practices, none of which were able to provide immediate surgery, Pet Specialists of Monterey dove in to help, and performed Ginger’s life-saving amputation later that same evening.

Within a week of Ginger’s injury, she was back to chasing birds and doing what she loved most- having three legs was not about to slow this puppy down! Without the funds provided to help pay the cost of surgery, Ginger’s dad would have been forced to euthanize Ginger to keep her from suffering. Mr. Rodriguez said, “I am ever so grateful that everyone came together for one of god’s creatures, it just means so much.”

“Thank God for Max’s Helping Paws. They helped fill a gap that only the hand of god could accomplish. After the tragedy of ginger a 1.5 yr old female Chihuahua. Having her right leg being shattered by a car.They helped save her and a week later she back to chasing birds and running like she has 4 legs.There is no doubt that Max’s is needed to help Gods creatures.”

About Our Veterinary Partner Who Helped Ginger

Marina Pet Hospital

Marina Pet Hospital is a full service companion animal hospital. It is our commitment to provide quality veterinary care throughout the life of your pet. Their services and facilities are designed to assist in routine preventive care for young, healthy pets; early detection and treatment of disease as your pet ages; and complete medical and surgical care as may be necessary.

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