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Jumping Joey

We truly do appreciate it and we are lucky there are even organizations like this that help people in need.

— Caitlyn —

Dayne, a US Navy Servicemember and his wife Caitlyn had been planning for months to become the new owners of a beautiful black and white Mini Doodle. Being stationed in different locations for the military, picking the right dog for their family was very important. They saw pictures online of the puppies and fell in love with one puppy in particular who they watched grow old enough they could bring them home. When they were able to pick up this energetic puppy, the name Joey came to mind right away.

Unknown to this family, poor Joey had gotten Parvo while he was at his original home. So, when they brought him home, just 3 days after having him, Joey began to have tummy troubles. Being responsible pet owners and worried about their new bundle of joy, they rushed to Monterey Animal Hospital, where treatment was needed to cure his Parvo. As the situation was tight at home, this military family reached out to Max’s Helping Paws to request financial assistance for Joey’s care. With the support from Max’s and the care from our partner veterinarians, Joey was able to receive the medications needed to get rid of his Parvo and finally join his new family.

About Our Veterinary Partner:

We have been providing the highest quality, personalized medical care to the dogs and cats of the Monterey Peninsula since 1966. We offer comprehensive veterinary services and boarding in an atmosphere where clients and patients are treated with genuine compassion. We look forward to meeting you and your pets!


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