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Keep On Walking Henry!

Henry had his tumor removed and is doing good…not cancer!.

— Henry's Mom —

Adopted from the SPCA year and a half ago, Henry is a nine year old Chihuahua who loves to go on walks and relax around the house. One day, Terri could see Henry was having some discomfort and concerned about Henry, asked a friend to take a look at Henry’s gums to make sure they appeared to be healthy. It was then they noticed a large tumor in his mouth.

Immediately she scheduled an appointment with Northridge Veterinary Hospital in Salinas. They needed to remove the tumor as quickly as possible both to lessen Henry’s discomfort and biopsy the tumor. On disability, Terri knew she couldn’t manage this financially by herself. Worried also about what it would mean financially for her should the tumor come back with cancer, she reached out to Peace of Mind Dog Rescue, who then referred Terri to Max’s Helping Paws Foundation (MHPF) to help subsidize Henry’s medical treatment.

Following Henry’s removal, a biopsy was taken and tested.

The result showed no signs of Cancer.

Frequently, pet owners will surrender or euthanize because even the thought of the overwhelming financial burden of treatment is out of the realm of possibility. Sometimes, as with Henry’s family, they needed help to even know what they were dealing with.

Thankfully for Henry’s owner, Max’s Helping Paws Foundation was able to step in to assist with the often overwhelming burden of surgical costs.

“Henry had his tumor removed and is doing good…Not cancer!”, reports Henry’s Mom, Terri.

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1850 N Main St Salinas, California (831) 449-2446

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