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Zelda’s Quest

Zelda is an active and loving girl.

— Kathleen —

As a retired senior, Kathleen and her 8 year old Rat Terrier, Zelda, are ideal companions. After being adopted 5 years ago, these two are able to spend most of the days together, with Zelda’s adventurous nature always keeping things interesting in the household!

Kathleen became concerned when Zelda unexpectedly began to have wetting accidents in the house at the end of 2019. Throughout 2020, Kathleen has taken Zelda to multiple veterinarians to try and determine the cause of the distress and wetting Zelda has been experiencing. A tough case to crack, the veterinarians were also at a loss as to finding out the root cause of the problem, and recommended Kathleen take Zelda to a hospital for more intensive diagnostics.

Living on a fixed income from disability, and already spending a fair amount of money for Zelda’s care this year, Kathleen was discouraged when the cost of more tests was needed. With the best interests in mind for Zelda, Kathleen reached out to Max’s Helping Paws for financial support so Zelda could receive the treatments needed. She shared “Zelda is an active loving little girl. She has a great love for the dog park and visiting her friends there. She has lost 6.5 lbs in a little over 3 months. She weighed 23 lbs. a little over 3 months ago. This morning she weighed 16.5 lbs. She has ribs showing. It is clearly not normal weight loss. I will have to submit further information when we see the Vet tomorrow.”

Understanding how difficult it can be when our companions are hurting and no solutions seem to be readily available, we at Max’s were able to review the case and offer assistance. Thanks to the support of AWAG, Max’s Helping Paws was able to provide the funding needed for Zelda to obtain more diagnostics. These diagnostics, such as blood work, provide the start of health and healing for Zelda as she gets ready for many more adventures ahead!

About Our Veterinary Partner Who Helped Honey:

<img loading="lazy" class="alignleft wp-image-4965 portfolio-lazyLoad" src="" alt="" width="138" height="92" srcset=" 325w, 300w, 150w" sizes="(max-width: 138px) 100vw, 138px" />Carmel Valley Veterinary Hospital is a full-service veterinary practice, with a focus is to provide your pet with the very best professional care possible.We know that exemplary medical care is just part of what you expect for your pet. You also want people who will love your pet the way you do. At Carmel Valley Veterinary Hospital, you’ll find caring and compassionate people who, like you, prioritize your pet’s health and well-being.


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