Breathing Made Easier for Simba

This is so unexpected! I just want Simba to not be in pain and breathe easier.

— Ashley —

When you bring home a fluffy kitten, the last thing you expect is for them to start experiencing health issues within the first 3 months of bringing them home. Ashley was devastated when little Simba began having difficulty breathing after such a short time of having him in her life. Being a responsible pet owner, Ashley took Simba to the vet to determine what was happening. She shared with us: “ He has a heart murmur as well as an upper respiratory infection. The treatment that the vet said he needs is to get sedated and have an x-ray to determine if it’s heart issues or mucus in the chest which is why he is wheezing and having trouble breathing. The vet also has to examine his lung and ears in order to see if the reason he is having trouble breathing is caused by something in his lungs. They also want to do the x rays in order to figure out if it is a problem in either his lungs or heart and when they see what is wrong they need to determine if he needs more treatment such as medicine.”

Working in the food service industry and having hours reduced this past year, Ashley was already facing a challenging income situation prior to the veterinary visits she paid for to get Simba this far. With the determination of more extensive work needed, Ashley reached out to Max’s Helping Paws for assistance. At Max’s we understand owners are doing their very best to provide the care their beloved companions need…and sometimes they need an extra boost to make that happen. We were able to provide assistance to Ashley for Simba’s care and he received the x-rays to determine the root causes of his breathing problem, as well as medications to suppress inflammation and mucus build up. It is with happy hearts that we were able to say ‘Welcome Home’ to Simba after this treatment was done!


About Our Veterinary Partner Who Helped Sashay:

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Posted on March 12, 2021 in Success Stories

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