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Nemo Gets Back To Boogie Boarding

Sometimes, the story as told by a grateful pet owner is the best story to tell! You are truly and Angel to me, my kids, Nemo, our entire family!!!

The Inseparable Daisy “Miss Congeniality” and Mae

Daisy was Mae’s helping paws guide/support in every way as they approached, side by side, their 15th birthday on May 15th. After Mae’s weight loss and gall bladder ultrasound diagnosis, we were preparing to pick ‘the day’ to avoid suffering that seemed imminent. Suffering is something we would not allow but there was NOTHING we…

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Tiny – Sweet Dog, Major Tummy Issues

Tiny Jonathan is a 8 year old rescue from Peace of Mind Dog Rescue. His mother, Jessica has overcome many personal battles with the help of this tiny seven pound Chihuahua, whom she welcomed into her family just seven months ago. Many people ask why adopt an older dog? Tiny profile was that he was…

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Vito – Back to Normal

Reality can hit hard when your child gets hurt, and that’s how the Vito’s family felt when their healthy, happy, 18 week old shih-tzu jumped off the ottoman and fractured his femur. When a growing puppy has an injury like this, there is always a concern that without surgery, the leg will not heal properly.…

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