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Bella’s Blues

Beautiful Bella came into Cassandra’s life 7 years ago when a friend gifted her with this spunky puppy. Light, fluffy and full of energy, Bella has brought buckets of joy and a tad bit of mischief into Cassandra’s world. One of their favorite activities is cuddling and puppy pets, and one evening as Cassandra was…

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Lovable Addi

When a companion is with you from the time they are a puppy, until they enter their Golden Years, they are no longer ‘just’ a pet, but a family member. Erica and Addi have been together through thick and thin and as Addi enters her later years, Erica has been there to love her along…

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Big Hearted Cedo

7 years ago, Kim couldn’t resist this beautiful, playful and bright eyed Pit Bull puppy when she went to pick out a forever companion. Little Cedo captured her heart straight from the beginning, and they have been the best of family ever since. While out on a walk in late January, Kim was shocked when…

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Mighty Simba!

A normally fiesty kitten, 6 month old Simba gave his owner Isaiah quite a scare when he began showing signs of illness. Isaiah described to us what was happening, “I notice my kitten wasn’t going to the restroom and I noticed he wasn’t as active as his siblings with loss of appetite. So my partner…

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No ‘Fat Boy’ Here

Who would have thoughts this tiny pup would end up with a clever name like Fat Boy? While fat he is not, he certainly has been a bright spot in his owner Harlie’s life the past 8 years. Sometimes, the best gifts come in the small packages, and Fat Boy has been such a gift…

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Casmo’s Condition

Cassie and Casmo, a perfectly wonderful name pairing for a perfectly named pair! Neither of these two are quite sure who is the luckier of the pair, owner Cassie, or perfect pup Casmo. As Casmo is entering his Golden Years, he has begun experiencing all the things we do as well – a little joint…

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Delicate Dalia

Iriam and Dalia have been the best of friends for 7 years, when a friend gifted this spot of sunshine to Iriam. Needing to stay home a bit more than expected due to a disability, these two have become each other’s lifeline to hope over the past years. Being an attentive owner, Iriam noticed when…

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Lovin’ Louie

When so much of the world was needing to shut down for safety, one of those places was the museum restuarant Jessica worked at. She, her daughter and their beloved Louie all made the hard decision to move to Monterey in order to be closer to family during such a difficult year. Jessica’s one who…

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Humans Are A Dog’s Best Friend

For Willy, his human companion Lizbeth has been the best of friends! Lizbeth brought Willy to his forever home with her over 4 years ago after finding him at a rescue shelter. Having lost work due to COVID, Lizbeth and Willy have had even more time together this past year, and Willy loves it! Normally…

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All The Tastey Things – Rocky’s Hard Lesson

The Morales family was so excited to bring 3 month old Rocky into their home a few weeks ago! They immediately began getting his puppy shots and treatments so he could keep growing into a healthy boy. When Rocky began having diarrhea and vomitting, the family was scared he had gotten Parvo, which can be…

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