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A Story of Compassion – Franchesca

Having been a volunteer with animal welfare organizations such as Golden Oldies and All Creatures Great and Small, Susan has been an animal welfare activist her entire life. Now, at 76, she is retired and has had a beautiful fur companion Franchesca for the past 14 years. Franchesca joined Susan 14 years ago from the…

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Jiggly Jack

This 13 year old kitty named Jack has been a companion to Maria his almost his entire life. Maria lovingly describes him as a “lifelong fatty with other non-fat cats in the home.” Being a responsible pet owner, Maria was concerned when Jack began displaying signs of distress. She took him right away to the…

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Elementary, my dear Watson

Just a few weeks before this story begins, this West Highland White Terrier came into the life of Jim as a bright ray of sunshine and joy. In the past few weeks, these two have bonded closer than Sherlock and his trusty companion. As a new and attentive owner, Jim noticed right away when Watson…

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Lucky Lucy

With the excitement of the whole family, 8 week old German Shepard, Lucy, was adopted. The person they got her from told them she would be taken to a shelter very soon, so the family made a quick decision to “rescue” this little girl, even though this family had just spent time, lots of energy…

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