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Nova the Benevolent

Nova is a 1-year-old cat owned by two CSUMB full time students who live in Marina. One of the students was working doing in home care, but upon the onset of the Pandemic, was forced to stop working due to safety concerns from her client. One evening during Shelter In Place, Nova was sick, and…

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Jeff is one of those “cat dad” who quickly becomes the “neighborhood house the animals go to.”  With a quiet demeanor and no family to speak of, when Scooter appeared at his door one day purring up a storm, Jeff was instantly smitten.  Jeff became Scooter’s “person” about 15 years ago, and neither one ever…

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Bubba, More Than a Friend

Bubba is just one of those dogs everyone loves. He was a 4 year old rescue with an awesome disposition and a family who adores him and takes him literally EVERYWHERE. Gabriel had a long standing job working at Lowes to provide for himself, his wife, his mom and his little girl.  Bubba had a…

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LEO, A Family Willing To Surrender to Save

Leo, a one year old cat with a fabulous personality, was adopted by this beautiful family one year ago from a shelter. Severe blockages would continue to compromise his health, and this family knew they could not afford the required surgery that would save him, as the family’s income had recently been sliced in half…

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Quan The Gentle Giant (and Expert Cuddler!)

What is Quan like? What makes him so special? Quan, a 3 year old Catahoula is a “gentle giant” whose favorite pastime is keeping watch over his family of 4 children and two small dogs. He is an expert cuddler and companion. His family rescued him from the streets of Salinas, when he was a tiny…

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