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Max the Mighty

A white German Shepherd is a rare site indeed! When Jeff met Max 3 years ago, the two fell immediately into a perfect companionship. From walks and play time to evenings relaxing at home, this dog and his person have been a fantastic pair. In mid-February, Jeff began noticing Max was not behaving in his…

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Emergent Care For Jazzmine

During challenging times, often our beloved companions are the ones who support us the most, offering us constant love and playfulness during times which are stressful. This has been the case for Christine and Jazzmine throughout the past 7 years they have had together. Jazzmine became even more of a comfort during 2020 and some…

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Chikis’s Road To Health

For the past 8 years, this family of three has enjoyed the company of little Chikis, a tiny chihuahua mix pup. Even during the pandemic, Chickis has been a bright spot in their world, as Sergio shared, “Our beloved Chikis has been a great company for my elderly parents during this hard time of the…

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A Puppy’s Curiosity

We love them, snuggle them and train them…but sometimes even with the best attention possible…puppies will be puppies! Aries came to his forever home 4 months ago to stay with Alphonso, fast becoming a major part of the family unit. Doing all the responsible measures of getting Aries his initial vaccines and vet care, this…

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Comfort for Chloe

Working as a caddie for many years, David and his 2 cats – including Chloe – have had a very stable and pleasant life the past 7 years together. When the pandemic started, times definitely became more challenging as financial stress began to compile with the instability of David’s caddie job. Still managing to provide…

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Mary, Mary, not contrary

Living on a fixed income due to disability may be challenging at times, but Diane and her beautiful pup Mary know how to keep their lives full of gratitude and contentment. Having rescued Mary over 7 years ago, Diane has been an ideal ‘dog mom’ to Mary. They share many walks, snuggles and play times…

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Pearly Perilla

Blanket – check! Stuffed animal – check! Human – check! Life is pretty wonderful for this terrier mix named Perilla and her human. Living a simple life together with her human Juan, the two have been close ever since Juan brought Perilla home 2 years ago. She’s been such a special pup he would even…

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Cutie Quila

Many of the clients at Max’s Helping Paws come from extrenuating circumstances that limit their financial ability to provide the additional cost of emergency veterinary treatment a companion may need. Roxanne is one such client who came to us when her beautiful Quila began experiencing signs of no energy, bleeding and discomfort. Roxanne shares her…

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Some Relief For Fluffy

For Nicacio and his wife, when they adopted Fluffy 11 years ago, he became like a child to them. This household of 3 has been full of joy ever since this beautiful poodle mix pup came into their lives. When the pandemic began, Nicacio became unemployed and his wife has been the sole provider of…

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Lovin’ Louie

When so much of the world was needing to shut down for safety, one of those places was the museum restuarant Jessica worked at. She, her daughter and their beloved Louie all made the hard decision to move to Monterey in order to be closer to family during such a difficult year. Jessica’s one who…

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