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Max the Mighty

A white German Shepherd is a rare site indeed! When Jeff met Max 3 years ago, the two fell immediately into a perfect companionship. From walks and play time to evenings relaxing at home, this dog and his person have been a fantastic pair. In mid-February, Jeff began noticing Max was not behaving in his…

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Cutie Quila

Many of the clients at Max’s Helping Paws come from extrenuating circumstances that limit their financial ability to provide the additional cost of emergency veterinary treatment a companion may need. Roxanne is one such client who came to us when her beautiful Quila began experiencing signs of no energy, bleeding and discomfort. Roxanne shares her…

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Blankies are for snuggling only

Like all puppies, 1 year old Ginger loves to play! In fact, she got a little lost in playtime with her other family dog and began to eat a blanket instead of just play with it. Not realizing what had happened, her owner was distraught when she realized the blanket had been eaten and was…

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