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Raise A Paw For Help

There’s nothing like the joyful swelling of a heart when you come home and your canine companion greets you with warm excitement and heartfelt barks. Each day, Matthew is greeted in exactly this manner when he returns home and Staley meets him at the door. For 10 years, this pair has been sharing in life,…

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Asa’s Breath of Fresh Air

It’s one thing for a kitty to be out of breath after chasing a laser or toy…it’s an entirely different matter when a kitty experiences labored breathing while sitting calmly. Such was the case for Asa, a beautiful Siamese cat owned by Christina. Having adopted Asa 2 years ago, Christine quickly fell in love with…

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This ‘Guy’

Along with the sunshine, March also brought an adventurous spirit to Guy and he began exploring more of their property. After one such outing, the Castillo’s were alarmed to see Guy was having difficulty breathing and fur matted. Concerned, they asked neighbors if anyone had seen anything and were alerted to the fact that Guy…

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Cotton’s Cure

Hello to this black and white tabby named Cotton! Owner Sandra could not have asked for a better companion than Cotton has been over the past 6 years for their family of four. Even-tempered, playful and super snuggly, Cotton has been a part of the family ever since he was a tiny kitten years ago.…

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Max the Mighty

A white German Shepherd is a rare site indeed! When Jeff met Max 3 years ago, the two fell immediately into a perfect companionship. From walks and play time to evenings relaxing at home, this dog and his person have been a fantastic pair. In mid-February, Jeff began noticing Max was not behaving in his…

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Cutie Quila

Many of the clients at Max’s Helping Paws come from extrenuating circumstances that limit their financial ability to provide the additional cost of emergency veterinary treatment a companion may need. Roxanne is one such client who came to us when her beautiful Quila began experiencing signs of no energy, bleeding and discomfort. Roxanne shares her…

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Blankies are for snuggling only

Like all puppies, 1 year old Ginger loves to play! In fact, she got a little lost in playtime with her other family dog and began to eat a blanket instead of just play with it. Not realizing what had happened, her owner was distraught when she realized the blanket had been eaten and was…

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