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Chico’s Recovery Celebration

As a service dog providing comfort and emotional support, when Chico got sick, the impact was far reaching on the family. With a humble and hopeful heart, owner Gicela quickly reached out to Max’s Helping Paws to save Chico. “We really need help our dog needs an emergency surgery and the corona virus is making…

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Breathing Relief For Coco

When 14 week old Coco joined Alyssa and her 3 children at home, it was love at first sight. After 3 weeks together, the family realized Coco was having trouble breathing and was gasping for breath. Scared for their new Siberian Husky and family member, Alyssa sought out resources for Coco. During a time when…

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Nova the Benevolent

Nova is a 1-year-old cat owned by two CSUMB full time students who live in Marina. One of the students was working doing in home care, but upon the onset of the Pandemic, was forced to stop working due to safety concerns from her client. One evening during Shelter In Place, Nova was sick, and…

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Compassion Saved His Leg

When you walk up to your front door and see your 11 month old kitty curled up in a ball not wanting to move, something is very wrong. Jada tried to pick up her precious Azarii to see that his back leg was dangling and he couldn’t put weight on it. She took him to…

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Tonka Needed Help to Breathe

Tonka the spry 14 year old Chihuahua mix always enjoyed long rides in the car, and neighborhood walks in her very own carriage. But something was wrong Tonka was having sudden severe coughing spells that were affecting both of them. Rosalie had recently been laid off during the COVID-19 Pandemic and she was trying all…

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They Just Needed Someone to Say “Yes”

COVID-19 has affected everyone even our beloved Pets. Case in point Ahsoka the full of life happy 4 1/2 year old Border Collie/Australian Shepherd mix. Her owners Colleen and Robert noticed a hole in her back leg, exposing the metal implant from a previous surgery from July of 2019. Ahsoka is like their child and…

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