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It’s Pinko, Not Plunko

While this sweet Jack Russel Terrier named Pinko may not have a lot in common with the game show Plunko, one thing they have in common is fun! When Roman brought Pinko into his world 7 years ago, this ball of energy completed their little family. Whether playing on the beach or enjoying time at…

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Have A Heart

When the Moreno Family reached out to Max’s Helping Paws, it was clear from their story below that immediate treatment was needed to ensure the best quality of life for their newest family member, Micho – the black and white domestic kitten. “Micho is currently under emergency care at Pet Specialists of Monterey. He is…

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Nacho’s Necessary Care

One of the most rewarding parts about bringing a new puppy into your home is being able to start providing the care and love they need. For Savannah, when she brought home this sweet Pug named Nacho, she right away began lavishing him not only with toys and proper food, but also with the vaccines…

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Diagnosing The Trouble

They can speak, they can detect emergency medical situations, they can even smile at us sometimes! However, one thing our furry companions are often unable to do, is tell us where they are hurting and what the trouble is when they are unwell. For Anna, when she realized her beloved service companion July seemed to…

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Jack’s Hope For Healing

Having a furry companion by our side as we navigate the ups and downs in life brings a sense of stability and comfort to us. For Sarah and her beautiful fur baby Jack, they have experienced a multitude of life over the past 7 years together. Now, as Jack is in his Golden Years at…

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The Mighty Titan!

Teeny tiny Titan the Yorkshire Terrier is small…but mighty! Which is why when his owner Lorena realized Titan had a kidney and bladder infection that was impacting his ability to urinate, she knew he would be able to win the fight against the infection if he was given the chance. The choice for treatment became…

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Needing Some Care

It is one of life’s greatest joys when we open our homes and hearts to a new furry companion! John was able to experience this joy when a beautiful Heeler pup wandered into his home one day. With an open heart, John took in this pup 8 years ago and gave her the name of…

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Hello Humans!

One of the additional benefits of having a beloved companion pet, is the serenity and joy they can bring to our lives. Julie received Buddy about a year ago and he has been an emotional support companion as well as a playful pup in her world over the past year. Watching this happy pup grow…

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A Clear Future For Keller

Being reassigned from Georgia to California in March, this military family of 2 adults and 3 companion pets moved to the area during a very difficult year. Already experiencing the challenge of moving into a new location, COVID-related job loss was making this move even more financially difficult. After months of creating a home and…

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Mika’s Miracle

As someone recently experiencing homelessness, Katelyn and her faithful companion Mika have been a constant support for each other during this extremely challenging year. Mika wandered into Katelyn’s life 3 years ago as a little bundle of fluff that has brought a massive sense of love to Katelyn’s world. The two are an emotional support…

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