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Lovable Addi

When a companion is with you from the time they are a puppy, until they enter their Golden Years, they are no longer ‘just’ a pet, but a family member. Erica and Addi have been together through thick and thin and as Addi enters her later years, Erica has been there to love her along…

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Mighty Simba!

A normally fiesty kitten, 6 month old Simba gave his owner Isaiah quite a scare when he began showing signs of illness. Isaiah described to us what was happening, “I notice my kitten wasn’t going to the restroom and I noticed he wasn’t as active as his siblings with loss of appetite. So my partner…

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Lovin’ Louie

When so much of the world was needing to shut down for safety, one of those places was the museum restuarant Jessica worked at. She, her daughter and their beloved Louie all made the hard decision to move to Monterey in order to be closer to family during such a difficult year. Jessica’s one who…

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All The Tastey Things – Rocky’s Hard Lesson

The Morales family was so excited to bring 3 month old Rocky into their home a few weeks ago! They immediately began getting his puppy shots and treatments so he could keep growing into a healthy boy. When Rocky began having diarrhea and vomitting, the family was scared he had gotten Parvo, which can be…

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Ranger Danger!

3 year old Ranger is an important part of the Ramier Family. Having adopted Ranger as a pup, this military family has been blessed by this family member ever since they brought him home. What the family didn’t realize when they brought him home, was that Ranger suffered from a genetic heart murmur and arthritis,…

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A Gentle Giant

This distinguished Pit Bull named Remmington is a true gentleman to all those he encounters. He has been a lovable, happy and playful companion to his owner Anna for the past 3 years. As a student who often spends time at home studying, Anna has been grateful to have such a constant companion to lend…

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Blocked Up

When the family companion isn’t feeling well, everyone become tense and anxious as they do their best to make sure their furry family member is comfortable. Edgar and his family have enjoyed Otto as a part of their family for over 3 years, and being responsible owners, noticed right away when Otto began showing signs…

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A Kitten’s Journey

When you adopt a new companion into your home, it is a day full of joy, love and often many smiles! 3 months ago, when James and his wife brought home this sweet kitten and named her Zoey, they felt their little family was complete. As a retired senior on disability and his wife experiencing…

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Figuring Out The Problem For Precious

Normally foot loose and fancy free, enjoying the fresh air of car rides, Precious makes the ideal traveling companion for her owner Monica – even if that’s just rides to the grocery store these days. Since Monica found Precious 7 years ago as a stray, she has been an integral part of their family. Our…

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Emergency Action Needed!

This military family of 2 humans and 2 canines is about to get a little larger, as they are expecting a baby on the way soon! At the end of a challenging year, this family was celebrating the holidays and getting ready for their newest family member when the unexpected happened to their beloved German…

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