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Delicate Dalia

Iriam and Dalia have been the best of friends for 7 years, when a friend gifted this spot of sunshine to Iriam. Needing to stay home a bit more than expected due to a disability, these two have become each other’s lifeline to hope over the past years. Being an attentive owner, Iriam noticed when…

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Determining the Troubles

12 years ago, Jessica and her family had the honor of witnessing the miracle of birth as little Lucy was born into a litter of kittens on their farm. With space to roam, other animals to interact with and a loving family, Lucy has had an outstanding life with Jessica. As Lucy has progressed into…

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Ruby Gets Back to the Beach

Ruby’s owner, Michael, has only had Ruby a few months, but she has quickly gained a special place in his heart. Ruby was adopted by Michael’s son as a puppy from a family who had a litter in Carmel. Ruby’s owner says that she truly loves people and has stolen everyone’s heart in their apartment complex.…

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