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A False Alarm For Lucy

Those of us lucky enough to have had a cat companion ‘choose’ us, realize how fortunate we are for these feline friends who share their space with us. Patricia brought home Lucy when she was a little bit older, about 6 years old, and the two have made a fabulous family! Patricia is a retired…

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Breathing Made Easier for Simba

When you bring home a fluffy kitten, the last thing you expect is for them to start experiencing health issues within the first 3 months of bringing them home. Ashley was devastated when little Simba began having difficulty breathing after such a short time of having him in her life. Being a responsible pet owner,…

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Sahay – Just a Little More Time Made a Big Difference

Sashay was a tiny black and white kitten that stole her mom’s heart from the first moment   Both Sashay and her brother, another tuxedo, were in a little room at the SPCA set aside for meeting prospective pets. Both went home with their mom, Sara. After 12 blissful years together, during an evaluation with the family’s long time veterinarian…

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