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A Little Help For Our Friend

What’s not to love about this adorable, 8 year old chihuahua named Asha? Being a retired senior, Rosemary is one of the fortunate owners who is able to spend most of her time and love on her precious companion Asha. This tiny pup has been a spotlight of joy and laughter for Rosemary each day,…

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Noodles, Courage for a Young Boy

Noodles is a scruffy little terrier belonging to Carmen and her grandson, Joseph, of whom she has custody.  Joseph was extremely shy, and had some learning limitations. Getting Noodles as a baby was incredibly helpful for Joseph, and Joseph relies on him for comfort.  Upon noticing a large growth on Noodles’ chest, Carmen leaped into…

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Sampson, a special bulldog for a mom in crisis

Don’t let his rugged good looks fool you. Sampson is a survivor just like his Mom and Dad. Stacey explained the rough beginnings that Sampson endured just to get to them, and without the love and devotion to his well being, he surely wouldn’t have made it to be 11+ years old. Sampson has had…

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