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Cooking Up Care For Joji

For the past 14 years, Joji the tabby cat and her owner Lauren have shared a house full of love and companionship. Having gotten Joji as a kitten, the two have an inseperable bond which includes such things as kitty costumes and shared snuggles! While it is now just the two of them in their…

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Busted Buster

This unique ‘breed’ of dachshund and Labrador mix named Buster caught the eye of a dynamic mother-daughter duo 3 years previously when they were at the SPCA. This beautiful lady happily came home to this loving family and the three have been companions ever since. Earlier in the year, the Ropers began to notice a…

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Stevie the Wonder Dog

Still puppy-hearted at 4 years old, Stevie the Catahoula/English Setter has already experienced many trials during her short life due to a genetically caused blindness. She was rescued from a back alley breeder in Cachagua. Her owner Carly shared that “recently one of her eyes developed glaucoma. She needs to have it removed and my…

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