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KITTY BOOM BOOM and a Miracle

Teresa adopted Kitty Boom Boom when he was just 8 weeks old. One look into the eyes of Kitty Boom Boom and you can see how any pet parent would just fall in love with this ball of fur. So when the unexpected happens and your baby suddenly cannot eat, doesn’t want to drink, cannot…

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Lulu The LoveBug

One of the best things about having a lovable dog like Lulu is coming home every day to lots of tail wags and kisses. Naomi never thought she would come home and see one of Lulu’s eyes popped out of the socket. Like any good pet parent panic sets in, and you rush your baby…

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Keep On Walking Henry!

Adopted from the SPCA year and a half ago, Henry is a nine year old Chihuahua who loves to go on walks and relax around the house. One day, Terri could see Henry was having some discomfort and concerned about Henry, asked a friend to take a look at Henry’s gums to make sure they appeared…

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