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Casmo’s Condition

Cassie and Casmo, a perfectly wonderful name pairing for a perfectly named pair! Neither of these two are quite sure who is the luckier of the pair, owner Cassie, or perfect pup Casmo. As Casmo is entering his Golden Years, he has begun experiencing all the things we do as well – a little joint…

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Sparty’s Special Care

A family of two, this companion named Spartacus and his owner Meredith have made a dynamic duo for over 7 years now. As a musician and artist, Sparty has been Meredith’s biggest fan throughout the years. When 2020 happened, many changes took place in their lives, one of which was Spartacus becoming ill. Meredith shares…

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Zelda’s Quest

As a retired senior, Kathleen and her 8 year old Rat Terrier, Zelda, are ideal companions. After being adopted 5 years ago, these two are able to spend most of the days together, with Zelda’s adventurous nature always keeping things interesting in the household! Kathleen became concerned when Zelda unexpectedly began to have wetting accidents…

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Rosie Posie Gets Too Excited at Petco

Rosie Posie as her owner Sarah calls her is the perfect example of the lovable lap dog. She’s a rescue that Sarah brought into the family about six months ago, Like most Chihuahua’s want to be with their owner 24/7, so naturally Sarah takes Rosie with her on errands and she especially enjoys going to…

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Simon, King of the Castle

Just looking at the pictures of Simon tells you he is one regal kitty. His normal pattern of being lovable and attentive with his family was abruptly brought to a halt with a serious urinary blockage that required immediate critical attention. Simon was in a lot of pain, and with the supportive and skilled staff…

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A Veteran Finds Help for His Trusty Companion

Honey is an eight-year-old pit-bull who loves to chase after the wheels on skateboards and walk on the beach watching seagulls. Needless to say, she has a very sweet disposition. Honey originally received her name from her previous owner, who was serving in the army. He was stationed in the Monterey area while awaiting deployment…

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An Attack from a Different Kind of Cat Can’t Keep Duchess Down

Duchess was a sweet six year old pit bull old recently adopted from the local Monterey County SPCA. Duchess, a new addition to the family, loves going on walks, spending time outdoors running around her owners 40 acre property and playing with her owners’ two young children. Soon after Duchess’ adoption, while walking with her…

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Meet Lucy: No teeth? No Problem!

Lucy is a precious tiny 5 lb. Chihuahua with a big personality who is no stranger to bossing around her three larger furry housemates. Her parents rescued Lucy from King City where, as a puppy, she was found wandering the streets in April of 2013. Lucy’s mom describes her as a “little firecracker” who loves…

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