Max’s Helping Paws has three primary programs, each designed to meet a different situation and with different maximums to ensure we can assist as many deserving pets as possible. Max’s has assisted more than 500 guardians with a pet in a health crisis, and we do ask for the support of this community in order to continue meeting the needs of local pet families, which skyrocketed this past year.


Emergency care for pets never takes a vacation. Because of this, we work with our veterinary partners around the clock to provide financial support for their clients during the most difficult times. This program provides life-saving, life changing and life sustaining financial support for pets in crisis.


  1. $5,000 can provide emergency surgery for up to three pets with broken bones, intestinal obstruction or other injuries
  2. $2,500 can provide necessary critical care for a cat with urinary obstruction or dog with acute, painful pancreatitis
  3. $1,000 can support a mass removal, or stitches and multiple bandage changes for an injured pet


We refer to this program as “get ’em to the vet,” but it’s more than that. So many pet parents, terrified of the bill they may receive, often delay vet visits for their pet who is suffering or decline necessary testing to make informed decisions around their pet’s care. This program enables pet families to make decisions based on facts, not fear.


  1. $500 can cover costs of additional testing and bloodwork to determine the cause of a pet suddenly falling ill
  2. $250 can provide x-rays to identify broken bones
  3. $100 can pay for an initial exam for a suffering pet that otherwise would not get the benefit of being seen by a veterinarian 


This program is the only one of its kind in the area. It provides up to two years of ongoing financial support (max $250 per month) to responsible families whose dog or cat faces a chronic illness such as Diabetes, Cushing’s or some Cancers. Often seniors on fixed income, or those just getting by cannot imagine being able to manage the costs of long term care.


  1. $1,000 can provide medication including insulin or heart pills, medical diet, recheck exams and lab work for a pet with Diabetes, heart or kidney failure, liver disease or other chronic conditions

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