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Other Veterinary Care Financial Aid Resources

Our list of nonprofit organizations which serve qualifying pet owners

While Max's Helping Paws currently does not provide direct financial support for pets outside Monterey County, CA, we'd like to provide information about other nonprofit organizations that do. If you are a pet owner struggling to find veterinary care, please review this list of national veterinary care resources and local resources by state.


If you are still unable to find the help you need, we encourage you to contact your local humane society and/or shelter(s); they are most likely to know about local low-cost or free services available.


We also have a list of crowdfunding sites here that may be able to help. Please help us maintain this important resource by sending information on organizations we're missing.


The Animal Health Foundation Has published THIS PDF with a list of organizations as well.


* Please note we will do the best we can to maintain this list. Please let us know if you see something that needs updating. We are not responsible for maintaining reference lists, PDFs or their inaccuracies.



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