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Image by Yulia Gadalina
Image by Yulia Gadalina
Image by Yulia Gadalina



Lisa C. Watson in memory of Lulu

JoAnn Carew in memory of Squirt. “We were sorry to hear about Squirt. Please find comfort in knowing she lived wonderful life with your family.”

Susie Penner, Karen Tillman, Maria Penner, Marcia Nakamura in honor and memory of Riley. “Riley and Susie have been a huge part of my life and to hear how amazing the ER team took such good care of both them was truly touching.”

Rick Bragdon in very loving memory of Freddie

Karla Robson In Memory of Bailey

Emma Sanchez James Sanchez In Memory of Sheena Sanchez 11/27/20

Fran Baskin In Memory of Molly

Ron Gilmartin In Memory of Prisa, my feline best feline friend forever, RIP

Laura Zehm Paula Black In Memory of In Memory of Corky, our beautiful Westie girl.

Anita Gryska In Memory of Corky

Carlotta Mellon Knox In Memory of Corky

Sylvana and Jerry Stratton In Memory of Piper

Renee Duran in memory of KoaKitty. “We’re so sorry for the loss of Koakitty. Losing a special cat is so difficult. Love Renee & Rich Duran”

Ann McGrath in memory of Coco.

Cynthia Rivera in memory of Shasta. “Sorry for your loss. Shasta had a great life with you.”

Lee Knutsen, in memory of Kirrhi and in honor of Dr. Lannis Enriques, Monterey Animal Hospital
Doctors Dachear, Sullenberger, and Nurse, Nik Hertz, at Pet Specialists Monterey. “We are so grateful to have had the good fortune of your skilled and loving care showered on Kirrhi, our beloved Cattle Dog, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge at midnight, Nov. 5. You are true heroes to us. Thank you so much! Love, Lee and Liam

Liz Lorenzo in memory and honor of Corky “So sorry you lost your beloved Corky Love, Liz”

Janel Berry in loving memory of Edison Hutchinson. “In honor of Edison, I have donated to this wonderful charity that helps other pets in need. Love, Janel”

Victoria Nelson in memory of R. Gilmartin’s Prisa “Such a wonderful cat!”

Tim & Nancy Twomey in memory of Dale and Margaret Byrne’s Spencer: “So very sad for you both on the loss of Spencer. He was definitely family and will be missed.”

Maria Miller in memory of Nemesis “Nemi” Kelly: “In honor and memory of Nemi and all the cats that you and Barbara have taken in over many years.”

Michelle & Tom Hill in memory of Benny Hill: “Our memories of our beloved Papillon Benny & his spirit will always be with us”

Lauren Hefflin in memory of Abigail. “Abagail sure was a special pup!”

Leanne & Chad Kirkham in memory of Blake Kirkham : “In memory of our beloved sweet perfect boy Blake the Snake”

Cindy Gum in memory of Daisy Schaffer

Terence Gargiulo in memory of Geno Bracco: “May you be richly blessed for the endless love you share with all of God’s creatures big and small. We love you forever! The Gargiulo Gang”

Jane Russo in memory of Geno the Wonder Dog

Lisa Watson in memory of French Bulldog Geno Bracco: “The hardest part of healing after the loss of someone you love, is recovering the part of you that went away with them.” May the ache soften, allowing you to breathe. Love, Lis”

Alex Seid in memory of Buddy & Kai Seid

All My Angel Kitties from Amy Larson

Dr. Watson McMahan from Peggy McMahan

Pippin Gurrentz from Grandma Stacey and Grandpa David: “Pippin was a great dog. Love you”

Vinnie D. Furball from Ashley DiPrete: “Purrmeister, cuddler and friend of all he met …. except veterinarians”

Carmella from Natalie & Chris Patchell

Birdie Laughlin from Pet Specialists of Monterey: “We are so sorry you had to say goodbye to Birdie. She was such a sweet girl. Our thoughts are with you during this difficult time.”

Rose Rodriguez from Pet Specialists of Monterey: “We are so sorry for your loss of Rose. She will be missed by all of us.”

Doddle Eubanks from Pet Specialists of Monterey: “We are so sorry for your loss of Doddle. Our thoughts are with you during this difficult time.”

Chestnut Fradkin from Dad & Stacey Fradkin: “Chestnut was a sweetie. Love You.”

Max & Chestnut from Lisa Dodge: “In memory of your sweet babies. Love and hugs, Lisa

Bailey Munguia from Pet Specialists of Monterey: “We will miss you Bailey. We are so grateful for your service to our community <3 your family at Pet Specialists of Monterey”

Mae and Daisy Truettner from Karen Truettner: “May and Daisy are together again. Daisy went on ahead almost 6 months ago. She always took the lead and Mae would stay behind with us …(  Shelties  historically separate to protect their ‘herd’.) For 15 years the twin sisters were playmates- pals- ultimate best friends to each other and to me and our family. Wherever they went they made new friends  with their sweet personality, calm disposition , intelligence, beauty, athleticism and obedience which they were born with  – no formal training – just an overwhelming instinct to please. Strangers would constantly stop to pet and frequently want a  selfie  – they posed well for photos. Many of our closest  friendships in Vero Beach and Pebble Beach began with this kind of Daisy Mae initiated encounter .

Dallas Lynch from Lindsay Lynch: “Dallas will always be my best friend and I will never forget the life he gave me. He gave the best doggy kisses and best snuggles whenever you needed them (and he ALWAYS new when you needed them). I love and miss you DalDog.”



Boots & Nellie from Kevin & Carol Sharer: “They are Bernoodles.  This picture was on Halloween at their new house is San Francisco.  They live the other part of the year in the mountains and love it there.  Romping in the snow is their favorite pastime.  But, they have come to love San Francisco and here their favorite thing is to go see all their many friends at the dog park near the Presidio national park.  They now are Monterey Peninsula dogs too.  Their favorite thing to do is go to the big dog park near Quail Lodge and run and run and run. We will be in Carmel in October and I know the Carmel Beach will become their playground.  Nellie likes Carol best and Boots is my dog.”

Jim and Jeri Vanderzwaan In Memory of Richard and Veloy Eaton

Jeanne Levett Dennis LeVett In Memory of Dan Borden

Cindy Meitle In Memory of Ms Peppers

Lisa & Ken Petit in honor of Sherry Petit: “Donation in your name, Sherry. Pet lover to pet lover!”

Jeff & Patti O’Dell in thanks to Heather Purdy Mobley: “Happy birthday. Love you”

Lorraine Yglesias in thanks to Angela Hains: “Happy Birthday Dear Friend”

Christine Chew in thanks to all the staff at Pet Specialists for their help with Bogie , especially Dr. Al-Nadal, Dr. Sullenberger, and Dr. Dearmin

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