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Get Em to the Vet! Up to $750 for

diagnostics primarily used when the pet owner otherwise couldn't or wouldn't go to the vet because of financial limitations.

  • Up to $750 with minimal to zero owner funds required.  

  • Allows a sick or injured pet to receive initial veterinary evaluation and care when the pet family has such strict financial limitations the pet’s needs would otherwise not be met.

  • Generally limited to a single appointment/veterinary visit but limited rechecks may be authorized

  • Owner/pet family may need to contribute a small amount to care costs if financially able to do so.


Provides additional funds to the most at risk pet families: those led by seniors, disabled, veterans, and homeless. Funds may be used to reduce owner financial contribution or to increase award size in a primary program

* All programs share the same application.  Max's assigns each pet application to the appropriate program.  Some pets and families may transition from one program to another based on medical and financial needs

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