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If I do not live in Monterey County, can I still receive assistance?

Max’s assist residents of Monterey County and their pets. We hope to expand services at some point, but for now all donations and all financial assistance is only for Monterey County.


I live in Monterey County but the animal clinic I am going to is not, can I still get help?

Max’s can assist with funding at any veterinary hospital within Monterey County.


I had to Max out my credit card for an emergency visit, can you help me pay that bill?

In order to provide a bridge to ensure pets receive the care they need, Max’s assists with services that have not occurred, for bills that have not been paid. Payments are made directly to the veterinary clinic; we do not make payments to owners.


Does Max’s Provide assistance for dental procedures?

We are not able to assist with routine or preventative dental procedures. We do assist with diagnostics as well as situations where dental treatments are the result of illness or trauma.

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